venerdì 14 dicembre 2007

Justice @ Tenax

Last night we went to a fantastic gig. Justice + The Bloody Beetrots @ Tenax. They were great! Absolutely couldn't miss them, & I reccomend. Unforgettable also the partecipation of Simian and Uffie. Here are some pics :)

here's The Bloody Beetrot

here's Justice

lunedì 3 dicembre 2007

société anonyme + wild frogs

Saturday evening we had a lot of fun at a party hosted by Société Anonyme. We've eaten russian food and we've drunk russian vodka. It was sooo fun.
Société Anonyme is a clothing concept store in Sant'Ambrogio, Florence, inspired by nord-european indipendent shops.

There was also a band, the Wild Frogs. They were amazing. They play indie rock and they're from Florence.

venerdì 30 novembre 2007

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